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Types of Dental Implants Used in Dentistry

Modern dentistry is using different types of dental implants that differ in shape, size and method of installation.

When selecting for a patient various types of dental implants, the physician focuses on the available size of bone at the site of the proposed implant surgery, bone tissue quality, features of bite, teeth-antagonists condition, gums and oral mucosa.

Successful integration into the bone tissue and thus the result of prosthetics depend on how properly they choose the types of dental implants.

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Types of Dental Implants by Method of Installation

In accordance with the method of installation they distinguish such types of dental implants as: subperiosteal (established under the gum tissues, in the area between the periosteum and bone), transosseous or perosseous dental implants, and widely used in prosthetics endosseous dental implants, introduced into the jaw bone.

Dental Implants are Divided by Shape:

Root form dental implants
This type of dental implant is most rapidly integrated into the jaw when there is sufficient bone area. Depending on what company produces these types of dental implants, they may be conical, stepped, etc.

Most professionals prefer cylindrical or screw dental implants which are easy to install. Made in the form of a self drilling screw, root form dental implant is being firmly held in bone, preventing the development of atrophy in it.

Laminar dental implants
For installation in a narrow bone dentists use laminar dental implants. Such form seems to be quite fragile, but in reality laminar dental implants are very stable and reliable due to their considerable length.

Combined dental implants
In many cases the usage of laminar or root form dental implants does not provide the desired result of the operation, whereas the combined dental implants can cope with the tasks very well.

Combining the advantages of the root and laminar types of dental implants, combined dental implants provide to the doctor more opportunities to conduct operations with predictable results.

Subperiosteal implants
Subperiosteal implants are designed for installation in the bone tissue with severe atrophic symptoms. Being placed on the large bone surface, despite their lightness subperiosteal dental implants can cope well with the loads on the jaw when chewing.

Endodontically stabilized implants
Another type of implant material ─ endodontic endosseous implants are introduced in the jaw through the root apex, due to which the root elongates, giving necessary stability to the restoration. Since endodontically stabilized dental implants do not injure the mucous during the installation, their integration is quick and rarely accompanied by complications.

Mucosal dental implants
Not all types of dental implants are intended for introduction into the bone tissue. To improve the fixation of removable dentures mucosal dental implants are used ─ small protrusions on the basis which correspond to the artificially-formed grooves in the mucosa.

Mini dental implants
A special technology is developed for holders of prosthesis — mini dental implants. It can be done even with a slight amount of bone tissue. Relatively inexpensive mini dental implantation provides long-term secure fixation of prosthetic structure.

Installation of mini implants, which are 4 times smaller than usual rods, is held with minimal traumatization of tissues of the mouth. Usually the whole prosthetic procedure takes no more than an hour.

Longevity of dental implants

Even if the installation of dental implants is done qualitatively, to ensure the durability of prostheses one needs careful planning and implementation of manufacturing and installation of a denture. In this case, the service life of the implant may exceed 5-10 years guaranteed by physician.

Installation of dental implants from well-known manufacturers also increases the longevity of prosthesis ─ branded rods often serve their patients for 15-20 years and more.

Keeping a careful oral hygiene after the installation of dental implant, the patient extends the life of the prosthesis, while inadequate care contributes to the development of inflammation in periodontal tissues, which increases the risk of premature rejection of the implant.


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